2011-09-17 / News

County commissioners renew relationship with GovDeals

NEWARK – In 2005 the Licking County Commissioners eliminated the annual in-person surplus items auction and affiliated with the on-line service ‘GovDeals.com’ to dispose of unneeded property. According to the Commissioner’s Deputy Clerk Pam Jones, “The goal was to increase the frequency of the surplus sales to monthly, generate more revenue for the County, and make the items available to a larger community of potential buyers”.

Jones adds, “In the five year history of this on-line auction, total gross sales of over $445-thousand have been recorded, and this year over $82-thousand to date. The money from this on-going surplus sale helps to fund current operations.” She adds, “Based on this six-year track record of success, the Commissioners have entered into an additional threeyear agreement to continue using the services of GovDeals”.

With GovDeals all items being auctioned on the Internet are listed on the Licking County Website ( www.lcounty.com). The on-line auction is conducted each month between the 1st and the 15th, and includes photos and descriptions of each item. The surplus items range from confiscated and surplus vehicles, excess office furniture, tools and equipment, and items obtained through law enforcement investigations. This is a government surplus equivalent of the popular on-line sales services such as Ebay, and all items are sold ‘Where Is and As Is’.

Jones adds, “The Commissioners are pleased to have had hundreds of satisfied buyers from Central Ohio and around the nation, and they invite you to visit and bid on items on GovDeals’. Simply log on to the County Government website, www.lcounty.com and click on the “County auctions” icon for instructions.

The host auction site is www.GovDeals.com and it is available any hour of the day or night. Potential buyers can search by item category or go to the advanced search, click on Ohio, and then Licking County.

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