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Watkins plays ‘Blame Game’


There is an ongoing routine in Bowling Green Township Hall at the monthly board of trustee meetings. When Trustee Donald Watkins and his fellow trustees do not want to answer public concerns, public records requests or reasonable public information requests, the Watkins “Blame Game” begins.

Attack the inquisitor, slander the messenger, or stoop to plain old name calling... this is how it goes down with our elected buffoonery team. In Watkins’ world, his method of operation often ends with his resorting to the “L” word. Yes, “Liar” is the word Watkins often uses as he accuses and blames everyone but himself for any nonsense actions he has taken or “not taken” himself.

I have witnessed several occasions where Watkins goes on about someone else being a supposed “Liar”. He never has any factual truth to the allegations and his circular story time tales are always filled with faulty logic. Perhaps this is a method Watkins has perfected over the years to deflect his own wrong doings like his clearly illegal receipt of Medicare reimbursement funds at the very same time he was also partaking in the 100% taxpayer funded township health insurance plan.

Watkins has made the false claim that this action “saved the township money.” That is certainly NOT a substantiated truth. Watkins also made the claim on the record that he would be going off of the insurance plan and be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses instead. A legal resolution already in place would have allowed the action, yet... He did not? This does not sound like a truth.

Watkins told us it WAS legal for him to TAKE a reimbursement while he was on the insurance, then he later claimed that he did not say that. Even if he would NOT have said that, then the action of him doing it certainly is not a characteristic of truth or honesty.

At a recent township meeting, Watkins went out of his way – clearly shown on video – calling a resident a LIAR, more public slander once again. He referenced a specific Beacon letter that former Trustee Jeff Chorpenning wrote as he claimed it contained lies. I looked up the article and as I already knew, Chorpenning does NOT write lies.

When Watkins began his illegal reimbursement plan, he and his wife had the highest premium cost (see specific data/ numbers in the Beacon archives, under a 2008-04-26 Letter to the Editor, penned by the Bowling Green Watchdog). He claims others’ cost more, but the fact is this did not happen until AFTER Chorpenning invited another insurance carrier to come to the township meeting to provide a quote.

That was when Double Dip Don’s premium actually became lower. This lowering of premium costs should have been done much sooner, but apparently Watkins did not seem to care about the best overall cost comparison for the taxpayers, yet Chorpenning did.

Incidentally Chorpenning was the only trustee to ever propose a motion to have trustees pay a portion of their 100% FREE insurance coverage. One fact remains clear, Watkins’ Double Dip was completely illegal. Even when other trustees premiums where slightly more than Watkins, he was the only one TAKING more than the coverage itself and had Fiscal Officer Duval cut monthly illegal reimbursement checks over and over again until he was FORCED to STOP.

Of course this behavior is now OVER, yet in Watkins world, everyone else is the “Liar” and he has said he is “saving the township money”.

After observing this “liar-liar” routine for the last several years, I see now he has gone way beyond slander. I have an “L” word to explain the continued abuse of power by Watkins and at the risk of resorting to name calling myself, I declare the status quo Watkins ‘Liar” routine as “Lame”.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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