2011-08-27 / Front Page

They Don't Build Them Like They Used To!

Photos by Charles Prince

BUCKEYE LAKE – It was tough to stand out at last Saturday’s 32nd Annual Buckeye Lake Yacht Club’s Classic Boat Regatta. All the boats looked great.

But two foreign-built boats did draw a bit more attention. “Diamond Girl,” a 1983 Italian Marinacci Torpedo, looked like it had two bows (see photo to the right). It was restored by Matt Zimmerman at Zimmerman Boat Works. The other one was a Swiss Boesch (bottom right photo).

A bright yellow 1957 Sabre has fins like some of the luxury automobiles of that same period (see photo to the right).

A Chris Craft Cavalier restoration named “Redbud” in honor of Bud Sayre wasn’t quite ready for the water, but looked great on a trailer.

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