2011-08-27 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake losing great friend, supporter


Well it’s happened. ODNR put so much on Buckeye Lake Regional Park Manager Tim Waln’s plate that he was forced to go look for another job. ODNR’s upper management thought they didn’t have to worry about Tim leaving because he has six children, but they were wrong. Tim found another job and his last day is next week - August 30.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim is one of the biggest reasons we have the BLASST. He has been an advocate for Buckeye Lake residents in a number of situations over the last eight years as best he could and still work for ODNR. He loves this lake and the people living here. He is very sad and disheartened to leave behind all the effort he has put into this lake.

When they sent him here it was because there was no one else to send. This is probably the toughest park manager job in the state. No where else is the ownership of a dam shared with residents and where else does the state own what many of us consider our front yard. But Tim got here and did his job well. We all have a boiling point and Tim’s is very high. He is quiet, never complains, does what he is told and only recently have I been told the whole story of his time with ODNR even though we are good friends.

God only knows who we will get to replace Tim. ODNR has no one even close to his caliber on staff. They are scrambling now! That’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one abused basket.

The good news is I will still have Tim, his wife, Gina and their kids in my life part of the year and eventually, hopefully all of the year. I hope you will join me in wishing Tim and his family well and most importantly very good luck on their journey ahead as they certainly have earned it. OMG have they earned it.

I am hoping to have a retirement party for Tim before they move on September 16th if anyone is interested. I don’t have the date yet, but I hope to have it printed in next week’s Beacon. Also you can send an email to BLASST@roadrunner.com c/o Tim to say goodbye and thanks if you care to. Buckeye Lake is losing a good and loyal friend and I, for one, am mourning her great loss.

Victoria (Tory) Wolfe
West Bank

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