2011-08-13 / Editorials & Letters

Writer thanks residents for opposing single trash hauler proposal


I want to THANK the responsible citizens of Thorn and WAlnut townships for attending and making known their stand on the one trash hauler contracts proposed by the respective township trustees. I hope Licking Township residents respond in the same manner on Monday, August 15. It was noted by many at the Walnut Township meeting that trustees are trying to take away YOUR right to choose and spend YOUR money at your discretion.

Walnut Township residents should take time to read “The Fairfield County Community Plan, May 2001” that I found on the internet. You will find on Page 41 listed among “Key Stakeholders” #6 – commissioners, mayors, township trustees, city and town councils, county engineer.

Perhpas Trustee Terry Horn is uninformed or he hoped, as some current politicians, that the ‘sheeple’ of the township will follow the smoke and mirrors of his suggestion that the trustees are not aware of the Community Plan. Such a failure on his part or all the trustees to be informed on this plan is very unsettling to say the least. It should be noted for citizens in other counties that MOST counties have such a plan. You may find it in your best interest to be informed.

I believe that thought the Walnut Township Trustees said “no” to further pursuit of this issue, it was heard said “FOR NOW.” I would suggest that we citizens of the township stay ever vigilant!

Carolyn Clark
Fairfield Beach.

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