2011-08-13 / Editorials & Letters

‘Watchdog’ wants Bowling Green Township to get ‘fiscal’


After not days or weeks BUT months now, some of my public record requests are finally being acknowledged by the Bowling Green Township fiscal officer. “Unfiscal” Officer Jennie Duval would be a much more accurate title.

It was only after sending registered copies of letters to the County Prosecutor’s office that a portion of requests have been released. Elected officials are not supposed to fill public record requests as an option but rather MUST do so in accordance with Ohio Law. I still await for three records requests be fully filled and I have submitted four new ones. My recent submissions are being sent directly to Licking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt in an effort to receive public records within days instead of months or even never receiving them at all.

Fiscal Officer Duval has informed me in writing that, “I cannot fill information requests, only records requests.”. Let’s use one of my document requests for an example on how the GOB system works in Bowling Green Township. I asked for copies of ALL receipts from certain vendors. I also asked for a copy of any resolution to authorize purchasing gifts, cash or gift certificates provided to employees or volunteer workers. The official response was “Record does not exist”.

Receipts that I have obtained from December 2010 indeed show the township purchased gift certificates from Lowes for $150.00. There are NO formal resolutions for such a purchase plus it is still unknown who received these gifts paid for by US, the taxpayers. Duval does not answer to “information requests” and only “records requests” so conveniently we do not get to KNOW who the Trustees are handing our GIFTS to. “Information” and “records” should not be held and shared only selectively by our GOB team. .It’s time to think seriously about some change in our elected officials this November’s election. It is OUR job to get our money in fiscal hands!

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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