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Tory is on the mend


Where do I begin....? Well I’m not dead even thought it felt like it there for a minute. My doctor seems to have left his practice over the winter to go to the VA Hospital to work. I will miss the seven minutes they gave him to be with me twice a year, but I hope Dr. David Lynch is happier and I know the VA got a good doc. Gene Johnson visited me on Saturday then pulled some strings with his Doc and got me in to see him on Monday... a miracle. I have had bad luck with doctors and insurance companies, so I shy away from them as best I can. But his name was so uncanny I could not help but go. His name is Dr. Robert F. Wolf. Yes, there’s no “e” on the end, but when the man’s name is the same as your beloved past brother, it’s a sign from God for me to go. Thanks Gene! I’m on the mend!

I want to thank the now 40 or so Beacon readers who went right over to their check books and sent a check to BLASST. It’s a compliment to the Beacon, to the community event and I take it as one personally as well especially those who took the time to write a get-well note. Most especially thank you to my little support team of one over the years- Randi McLaughlin.

Speaking of support teams, I guess there was a secret one in Millersport who had my back the whole time. I know the blonde ringleader, but I don’t know the rest of them for sure. It seems there is a donation letter being sent out to 500 or so donors by the “Friends of BLASST.” Talk about taking the world off my shoulders. God bless you one and all whoever you are. So if you have sent in a check and get a letter after all, put it in the round file and be happy there are little elves working for this community.

Sometimes people can make you cry from being overwhelmed with happiness. On Tuesday I called over to Hometown Hotdogs to ask Kim to get two coney dogs to go because I can’t taste anything. I said I was going to the pharmacy to pick up my scripts and then come see her real quick. That is not the way it went at all and I usually get my way. Ms. Kim picked up my meds and brought my food to me. It was going to be NO other way. Thank you, sweet friend. You probably saved 10 people from being infected with whatever I have as well.

My apologies to all the people at the BLASST law enforcement meeting for missing it. I meant no disrespect and in fact the best person I know offered to go in my place (Charlie Prince). I knew then it would be better than me being there. YOU PEOPLE ARE THIS EVENT!!!! You work and plan and because no one hardly sees you and everything goes so smoothly, this community AND ESPECIALLY the visitors have little appreciation for what you do. And may I add at a bare minimum cost. I am concerned that Billy Phillips will not be there this year. We are so blessed to have you all. Thank you and God bless you all!

I have a couple more folks to add to my list of those who I am dedicating my BLASST service to. The next one is Rosa Clark.

I first met Rosa when I was on the museum’s board some 10 years ago. I believe Rosa has kept the books for the museum from the beginning. When I started BLASST I asked her if she would do the BLASST books as well and of course she said yes. They were a mess. I didn’t know what I was doing, but she fixed it all. Last year I hired a professional accountant and found out just how much money Rosa was saving me. I say me because nothing I do comes out of BLASST money.

I got to know Rosa and her husband, Howard better at the yacht club when I was a member. They are two of the most delightful people. Like my buddy, Ed was, they are avid Buckeye fans! I can’t say I know two people who enjoy life more than they do. But at the same time they always have time to give back to their community. They are always well dressed, fun to talk to and ready to party. I just love looking at Rosa’s angelic face when she talks. Thanks for all your help through the years, Rosa. It meant the world to me. I will be thinking of you both on the 1st.

Victoria Wolfe

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