2011-06-11 / Editorials & Letters

BLASST needs your help

Editor’s Note:

One of Ohio’s best 4th of July fireworks’ shows is just three weeks away.

Our Buckeye Lake Area Star Spangled Tradition or BLASST for short is an important part of our lake community. It is also special because it is the largest display in Ohio that is completely funded by individual donations. We don’t have corporate sponsors nor do local governments help purchase the fireworks.

We do appreciate the incredible in-kind support from our local fire and police departments, county sheriffs’ offices and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Their continued support is critical to maintaining this community tradition.

Tory’s father, John W. Wolfe, earmarked part of his estate to continue the tradition of a 4th of July fireworks show over Buckeye Lake. His bequest primes our annual fund drive, but it requires donations from hundreds of small businesses, local organizations and residents to fund the shows that we now expect.

Normally BLASST donors receive a reminder letter from Tory in May or sometimes even earlier. This year Tory returned home from Florida a couple of weeks later than normal. Then she got sick.

Here’s the bottom line. Tory didn’t have time to get the reminder letters out and its too late for someone else to jump in. But we still need your donations.

Quite frankly, BLASST will have about $500 more for the show by not having to buy stamps for the letters. But we need you to do your part. Please send whatever you can – we realize that times are still hard for many of us – to BLASST, 13284 West Bank Road, Millersport OH 43046. Please make your checks payable to “BLASST.” BLASST is a 501 (c) 3 organization which means your contributions are tax deductible.

Please send your contribution today! We need your continued support to keep BLASST alive. Thank you!

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