2011-05-28 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 6: A Buckeye Lake Goodwill manager reported that he believed an employee was taking drugs in a Goodwill rest room. The employee allegedly confessed to using heroin on the premises. Charges are pending.

• May 18: A burglary was reported at the Real McCoy Skill Games. It’s believed that the burglar fled when an alarm sounded.

• May 20: Police received a report of a burglary at Boat Boys. Food items and candy were stolen.

• May 23: A Millersport 16-year-old driver passed a school bus on the right as the bus was stopped with its red flashing lights pulsing and in the process of unloading children. The driver stopped a child from exiting, possibly into the 16-year-old’s path. The 16-year-old was heading to work at Wendy’s.

• May 24: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office with an alarm drop on Round Island. Officers found the property was secure and the alarm was false.

• May 24: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office with a fight that took place near the shelter house at Fairfield Beach.


• April 24: Police were called to the coin laundry on a new dispute between the separated couple in the previous report. The mother had returned the children to her husband and their father. She then went to the coin laundry. She said her husband and the children walked from their North Street home to the laundry where he took the keys from their co-owned Dodge Durango. Her husband and children then returned to their home. Police went there and her husband was able to produce a title with both of their names on it. Police then told her it was a civil matter. She called her mother to pick her up.

• April 25: Police helped two Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputies serve a felony warrant on a man at a South High Street business.

• April 26: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive and cited the driver for expired tags.

• April 26: Police on patrol at 2:44 a.m. found an open door at the Mantonya Chiropractic Center. The building checked OK and police secured the door.

• April 26: Police were called about an argument in the Kroer parking lot. A woman and a man, both in their 50’s, were arguing. The woman said the man pushed her, but she didn’t want to press charges. Police told them to leave in separate vehicles.

• April 26: An elderly Greenbriar Lane woman told police she was hearing an odd chirping sound in her home. Police discovered that the sound was a wrning for a failing battery in a smoke detector.

• April 27: Police were called at 2:08 a.m. about loud music from a Canal Road apartment. The resident had some friends over and told police she didn’t realize they were too loud.

• April 27: Police were dispatched to watch Ohio 79 for a reported driver with a possible open container. Police didn’t see the described vehicle.

• April 27: A driver was cited for going 64 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• April 28: Police warned two West North Street for parking their vehicles facing the wrong direction.

• April 28: A driver was cited for going 45 mph in a 25 mph zone on Canal Road.

• April 28: A Canal Road apartment resident complained about a named woman who has been calling and texting her nonstop since February. She wants it to stop. Police took a report and were unable to immediately contact the caller.

• April 29: A Union Township resident told police that someone is living in a horse trailer at a vacant house in Hebron.

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