2011-05-28 / News

Scouts retire worn American flags

MILLERSPORT – Four Eagle Scout candidates from Boy Scout Troop 404 properly disposed hundreds of worn American flags Sunday afternoon at the Millersport American Legion Hall.

The retirement ceremony is part of Eagle candidate Michael Popo’s service project to achieve Scouting’s highest rank. Popo has also been raising money – more than $3,000 so far – to replace the flags that line downtown Millersport on patriotic holidays. That’s enough money to bank some so flags can be quickly replaced when they begin to tear or fray.

Popo was assisted by fellow Eagle candidates Mikey Eberts, Chris Fry and Nick Jones. The scouts followed a strict protocol that included cutting each of the 13 stripes – that represent the original 13 colonies – off one of the flags. Each strip was “retired” into a flaming barrel as the scouts called off the names of those colonies.

The ceremony included a primer on respect for the flag and for what it represents. Troop 404 is sponsored by the Millersport American Legion.

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