2011-05-28 / Editorials & Letters

Millersport Eagle candidates congratulated


I would like to congratulate Eagle Scout Candidates: Chris Fry, Nick Jones, Mikey Eberts and Michael Popo.

These outstanding young men on May 22, brought great honor to our community, our country and to our service men and women.

When the United States flag (Old Glory) becomes torn, faded, or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag, and the old flag should be “retired” with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation’s flag. With a burning desire to honor our flag, they collected over 3,000 old American Flags and conducted an official United States Flag Retirement Ceremony at the American Legion in Millersport. They explained the proud history of “Old Glory” and the fierce patriotism of our 13 original Colonies that was the start of the freedoms we enjoy today. The magnitude of patriotism displayed by these outstanding young men touched the hearts of those in attendance and made us proud to be Americans. These four young men also earlier in the day freely and willingly spent hours cleaning the Millersport Cemetery in honor of the approaching Memorial Day. Michael Popo, Chris Fry, Nick Jones and Mikey Eberts, we are so very proud of you! You are the future leaders of our Great Nation!

Charles Mesko
Council Member

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