2011-05-07 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 28: A Woods Avenue man said his ex-wife took out a credit card in his name, charged $900 worth of items, then defaulted on payment. The ex-wife admitted to signing up for the credit card without proper permission.

• April 29: A Walnut Road woman said she foiled an attempt to steal gasoline from her car. She witnessed the thieves trying to steal the fuel and yelled at them. The thieves ran away.

• May 1: A Walnut Road woman said her husband was intoxicated and got into a heated argument with her, during which time he picked up a flat screen television and threw it on the floor. She asked police to help remove him from the house for the night.

• May 1: A Crane Lake woman said someone spray-painted two of her vehicles.

• May 1: A North Bank woman said someone rummaged through her vehicle, but nothing was missing.

• May 1: A North Bank man said someone rummage through his vehicle and removed a Mc- Donald’s gift card.

• May 2: A Stewart Avenue man said someone entered his home and stole a rifle and antique bottles.

• May 3: An Etna man said someone tore down an aluminum carport, presumably to sell as scrap metal, from his Buckeye Lake rental property.


• April 8: A South 4th Street man told police his daughter was hit by a 38 year-old named man while she was staying with her mother. Police were unable to find any signs of abuse.

• April 9: Police responded to an alarm drop at Brad’s Recycling. Police and a keyholder checked out the building and discovered two birds that were tripping the motion detector. Police got the birds outs out of the building and the alarm was reset.

• April 9: Police were called to Hayman’s Dari-Bar on a report of a found knife. It was actually a plastic toy that had been run over and destroyed.

• April 10: Police on patrol at 3:09 a.m. found an open side door at the New Life Community Center. Police and a keyholder checked the building and secured the door.

• April 10: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation at 9th and North streets.

• April 11: A Broadway Street apartment resident told police that her neighbor had been harassing her. She said her 85-year-old neighbor asked her twice to have sex for money. She refused and filed a resident’s complaint with the building manager. Police told the optimistic man not to bother her again or face menacing charges.

• April 11: Police stood by at a Maple Heights home while a woman retrieved a cable modem from her husband. She also told police her husband had threatened her.

• April 12: Police cited a driver for expired tags after a traffic stop on North High Street at North Street.

• April 12: A semi-truck driver was cited for failure to control after his rig failed to stay in the roadway making a 90 degree turn on Maple Drive. A yard was damaged.

• April 12: A 27-year-old man was trespassed from the Kroger store after being detained for shoplifting a $1 sample perfume bottle.

• April 12: A South Street resident reported that someone egged his house around 6 p.m.

• April 12: A Gist Street resident told police she believed a former tenant’s relative wrote curse words on the sidewalk with chalk outside the home. The relative denied doing it, but was warned to stay away from the complainant and her property.

• April 13: A driver was cited for going 67 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• April 13: A Lakewood Drive resident said her children had been harassed by a child known only by is first name. Police tried to determine who the child was and where he lived.

• April 13: Police were called to a Canal Road apartment on a domestic violence incident. A juvenile male was arrested for domestic violence after he allegedly smashed a pregnant juvenile’s head into a wall and damaging the wall. He was taken to a juvenile detention center.

• April 14: A Broadway Street apartment resident wanted police to document an argument with her ex-husband over a photo of their daughter that he has posted on his Facebook page. He refused her request to remove it and alledgedly threatened him as well.

• April 15: Police responded to an alarm drop at the Kroger store at 3:32 a.m. A member of the cleaning crew accidentally tripped the alarm.

• April 15: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation at West 2nd and Cumberland streets.

• April 16: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation at 9th and North streets. The driver was also cited for driving under multiple suspensions and with expired license plates. He was warned for using fictitious plates. His vehicle was impounded.

• April 16: Police responded to an alarm drop at a North High Street building. The building checked secure. The keyholder said he was having problems with cats in the building and suspects they may have tripped the alarm.

• April 16: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident said she recently kicked her boyfriend out of her apartment and he took her Mustang convertible. She also told police that his license had been suspended. Police contacted him and gave him two hours to have a legal driver return the vehicle to her. He returned the vehicle before the deadline.

• April 16: A Newark woman driving a Heath school bus taking the softball team to Lancaster reported that a man driving a small black sports car exposed himself to several of the girls on the bus. The driver gave police a license number.

• April 16: A Harbor Hills man reported the theft of several items from his National Road barn.

• April 17: A Maple Avenue woman said her ex-boyfriend called and said he was on his way to her house to kill her and her entire family. Aggravated menacing charges are pending.

• April 18: A Canal Road apartment resident asked police to remove her husand from their apartment because he had been drinking. Police told her they couldn’t remove hi because they are married and nothing criminal had occurred. She told police she is considering filing for a divorce and getting a protection order against him.

• April 18: An East Cumber- land Street man reported that someone had slashed a tire on pickup.

• April 18: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident reported an attempted scam. She received a call telling her she had won a $1,000 voucher for food. The caller said she only needed to provide her credit card number to pay for the shipping.

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