2011-05-07 / News

The Grille gets to keep its liquor permit

By Scott Rawdon

UNION TOWNSHIP- The Ohio Division of Liquor Control will renew the Mill Dam Corner Grille’s liquor permit following a two session hearing.

The division determined that Union Township Trustees did not “present sufficient evidence to show that the applicant is unfit to engage in the retail sale of alcoholic beverages or that the business has adversely impact the peace, sobriety, and good order of the community.” Consequently, the division overruled the township’s legislative objection. Trustees were given the option to appeal the order to the Liquor Control Commission but have opted not to appeal.

“I think we acted within the best interest of the residents,” said Trustee President John Slater Monday night. “I think we’ve exhausted all our efforts.”

Trustees challenged the permit’s renewal on the grounds that the business presents “substantial interference” with the good order of Union Township because neighboring residents complained about noise, litter, and parking. They claim that live music plays beyond an 11 p.m. noise limit, and patrons parking illegally on the east side Mill Dam Road opposite the grille pose danger to people traveling on Mill Dam and to those crossing the road to enter or exit the grille.

Slater said he believes the grille’s owners are more aware now of some residents’ concerns and he believes trustees’ challenge to renewing their liquor permit will lead to improvements.

“Obviously, we think the division made the correct decision,” said attorney Marc Myers, who represented the grille during the renewal challenge. He said the grille’s owners would do everything they can to continue to work with the grille’s neighbors, community, and law enforcement. Myers said the experience hasn’t drastically changed the Mill Dam Corner Grille’s business plan. “There’s no need to change the way we do business,” he said.

Township Administrator and Police Captain Paula Greene said the grille agreed to discontinue outdoor live music until it builds a six feet tall fence surrounding its outdoor patio area. This ends a civil suit the township placed against the grille to bring it into compliance with a township zoning order for the six feet fence.

“This puts them to where they were supposed to be originally,” said Trustee Rick Black.

In other township news:

• Slater said a tree the township was removing fell in an unexpected direction on private property, but the township reached an agreement with the property owner. “The tree is down and we’ve reached an agreement in how to clean it up,” he said. “(The property owner) was thinking it was cut down and we were done.” Slater said the property owner was reassured the township will take responsibility for the tree and the property owner will receive all firewood and wood chips created as a result of disposing of the tree.

• Trustees prioritized some road repair projects for the annual summer resurfacing project. They said Milliken Road in the Hebron Industrial Park and Drogheda Road in the Fairmount Addition are at the top of the list for repaving and Canyon and Seminary roads will receive crack sealing. Slater said trustees are still finalizing bids for the rest of the township’s road projects and will discuss those bids at their next meeting.

• Slater said the township purchased 40 gallons of mosquito spray from the Village of Hebron for $1,200, which was Hebron’s cost. He said Hebron changed the type of mosquito insecticide it sprays and had it left over.

• Slater said the Hebron Fire Department wants to upgrade its “Jaws of Life” tool which is used to pry and tear apart metal to remove accident victims trapped in heavily damaged vehicles. The upgrade increases its maximum force to 150,000 pounds and costs $4,999. Union Township purchased it originally and retains ownership. “It’s obviously a useful item,” said Slater. Trustees unanimously agreed to pay for the upgrade.

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