2011-05-07 / Editorials & Letters

A rare apology from a writer


While I disagree with all the good things Sharon Stroud had to say about Glenn Beck, she is absolutely right about two of the bad things I had to say about him, and I apologize for my errors.

Beck is not a 9/11 conspiracist and he is not a birther. He did, however, have a theory about the timing of the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate: He and Sarah Palin seem to think that it was released to draw attention away from Fed Chairman Bernanke’s news conference which was rather pessimistic on the economy as a whole.

As to Stoud’s advice about not watching Beck: I don’t, which is probably why I got some of my “facts” wrong.

Touche, Ms. Stroud.

C. H. Jackson
Harbor Hills

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