2011-04-23 / Editorials & Letters

Writer supports Mill Dam Corner Grille


To all the complaints about the Mill Dam Corner Grille, I would like you to know how much they have helped my daughter and grandson who have OMS. Cindy and her co-owners did not hesitate to help out by having a beneffit for him, which is just one of many that they have done.

When it comes to noise, there are hardly any homes around the bar anyways. They do not serve minors like some of the bars around town do.

So maybe if you would just stop in an have a cold beer or even a home cooked meal, you would change your mind. They are good people, and they do a lot of good things!!!!

So please, instead of bashing something, try it first and you just might like it.

Well have a good day and stop in and have a cold beer!! See ya there.

Tammy Schriner

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