2011-04-09 / News

Gateway to Buckeye Lake will grow

BUCKEYE LAKE – The gateway entrance at the north border of Buckeye Lake Village on Ohio 79 will soon be even more welcoming, said Buckeye Lake Community Action Committee Chair Annetta Macedonia.

Within the next few weeks the gateway’s landscaping will be extended 10 feet to the south. She said the extension is a continuation of Phase 1 of the project. The project is intended to be accomplished in three phases-Phase 1 is landscaping, Phase 2 is a welcome sign that’s currently in place, and Phase 3 will be a flag pole flying a yet to be designed Buckeye Lake flag in addition to others. The project was made possible through an Ohio Department of Transportation grant awarded the village December 2010. Macedonia said the grant award, which is the first and only of its kind to be given in District 5, provides funds to purchase all plants and landscape materials.

“ The project was visualized by the Community Action Committee, a group of energetic citizens, with a common goal to beautify our village and its entrance,” said Macedonia. Its members include Lindsey Brighton, Clay Carroll, J-Me Braig, Crystal Davis, Lisa Bowers, Frank Foster, and Macedonia. “Much of the committee’s momentum came from the limitless support and encouragement from our local government officials who too believed that a simple vision could, in fact, become a delightful reality,” she said.

Phase II of the project, not funded by the ODOT grant, was to design the welcome sign and to seek contributions to purchase and install it. Macedonia said the welcome sign was purchased and erected through contributions from many community residents, businesses, and local organizations.

“While ODOT has provided grant funding for landscape and plant materials, it will be necessary for the committee to, once again, call upon the kind generosity of our community to accomplish phase III,” said Macedonia. Phase III of the project is to erect a flagpole at the gateway entrance. The 20 feet tall flagpole will cost roughly $ 1,500 and will display the United States and Ohio flags and a Village of Buckeye Lake flag that’s yet to be designed. “So, the Community Action Committee plans to conduct a flag design contest for village residents,” she said. The contest date has yet to be announced.

Macedonia said Community Action Committee members extend their sincere appreciation and thanks to those who have made the project possible through generous donations and support, including the Buckeye Lake Community Celebration Committee, the Eagles Women’s Auxiliary FOE 2801, the Cranberry Bay Homeowner’s Association, Sharon Haines and Laura Maczko, Linda Hengst and Betty Szoka, Jim and Sue Ward, Bill and Mary Muryn, Joy Pratt, Hope Walley, Chet Hauck, and The Shopper.

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