2011-02-05 / News

Buckeye Lake medic indicted

By Scott Rawdon

NEW LEXINGTON – A Perry County Grand Jury indicted part-time Buckeye Lake firefighter Terry “T.J.” Hoffer on three counts of drug theft Jan. 27.

Perry County Prosecutor Joe Flautt said two of the counts are for morphine and one is for promethazine, which can have a strong sedative effect. Hoffer is accused of removing the drugs from the Thorn Township Fire Department where he volunteered. Flautt said each drug theft charge is a fourth degree felony and each charge carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Flautt expects Hoffer to be arraigned Feb. 8. “We have a long way to go before sentencing,” he said.

Buckeye Lake Mayor Rick Baker said there would be a hearing Wednesday night to determine if Hoffer would be suspended from the Buckeye Lake Fire Department. The hearing was originally scheduled for Tuesday night, but Hoffer said his attorney wanted to be present and wasn’t available Tuesday night, prompting the hearing to be rescheduled.

Hoffer was suspended from the Thorn Township Fire Department after the Perry County Sheriff’s Department questioned him about the missing drugs. Hoffer was also suspended from the Heath Fire Department after testing positive for marijuana, although the test was challenged. He resigned from the Heath Fire Department in September 2010.

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