2011-01-29 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 25: A Walnut Road woman reported that her son punched holes in a bedroom door.


• Jan. 7: Police were called to Park National Bank about an individual passing bad checks.

• Jan. 7: Police were called to the Kroger store after a 51-yearold woman was detained for shoplifting. She was arrested for theft.

• Jan. 7: A driver was stopped for reckless operation on North High Street. Police discovered that the driver’s license was under suspension. The driver was cited for both violations.

• Jan. 7: Police were called again to the Kroger store after a person was detained for shoplifting. The person was arrested for theft.

• Jan. 7: A Canal Road apartment resident complained about his upstairs neighbor. He said they were stomping on the floor and yelling so he yelled at them. The neighbor then screamed at him. When police were speaking with one party they could hear yelling in the other apartment. Both parties were warned that they faced possible charges is they were called back.

• Jan. 8: A Sunset Drive resident reported that her barking dog woke her up at 4 a.m. In the morning, she saw that a large amount of scrap wire had been taken from the side of her garage. Police saw footprints and drag marks to the neighboring street. The loss was estimated at $300-400.

• Jan. 8: Police were called to a Broadway Street apartment on a report of vandalism to two vehicles. Both had windows that had been written on with window paint, but no other damage.

• Jan. 9: Police on patrol at 1:26 a.m. saw a vehicle on Lake Forest Drive with derogatory terms written on a window and windshield. Two yard reflectors had also been shoved into the wheel spokes. The vehicle owner said he had noticed the reflectors earlier, but not the window painting. He said he would just wash it off.

• Jan. 9: A Kelly Drive resident said eight reflectors were stolen from her yard.

• Jan. 9: Police were called to a Canal Road apartment about an upstairs neighbor causing a disturbance. The complainant said the upstairs neighbor was stomping and yelling so she turned up her music prompting the neighbor to come down and yell at here. Police warned both parties.

• Jan. 9: Police were called to the coin laundry on West Main Street on a suspicious man in the bathroom. He left before police arrived.

• Jan. 9: Police were called to the Duke station about a man who wouldn’t leave the rest room. The 32-year-old man told police he was walking from California to Maryland. Police tried to find a local shelter for him but they were all full. Police took him to the truck stop.

• Jan. 12: Police assisted medics with a run to a Lakewood Drive apartment.

• Jan. 12: Police stood by with the driver of a disabled vehicle on Ohio 79 and Enterprise Drive until a tow truck arrived.

• Jan. 12: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive for a lines and lanes violation. The driver was ultimately charged with OVI.

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