2011-01-29 / Front Page

Living for Winter

Photos by Charles Prince Photos by Charles Prince LAKE AREA – There are two types of people north of the Mason-Dixon line: those who can’t stand the winter cold and those who live for it. With the latter in mind, bitter cold enticed many recreational motorists and some hearty anglers to the frozen Buckeye Lake. Engines roared to life, but this time they weren’t in speedboats; they were in ATVs and motorcycles ridden by people brave enough to risk sliding on—and possibly falling through—the ice.

Viewed from above, makeshift racetracks looked more like UFO inspired crop circles, but rest assured they’re manmade. Temperatures warmed during the week, melting and weakening the ice, but there’s still plenty of winter left, which is bad news for some, but great news for the people who can’t wait to return for more fun on the ice!

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