2011-01-29 / Editorials & Letters

Former trustee tried to cut health insurance expense


I am writing in response to Watchdog Will Kern’s recent letter regarding Bowling Green Township’s health insurance benefit package. As a former trustee, I attempted, on several occasions, to reduce and even eliminate this taxpayer paid perk to small avail. Prior to the most recent trustee election, I did manage to get an unanimous vote by the board to allow the two trustees beginning their terms in January 2010 to sign up for a health savings plan that would truly save our township thousands of dollars every year.

January came along with one incumbent starting a new term and a new trustee. But instead of saving residents thousands of dollars and without any public discussion or explanation, ALL three trustees decided to stick with business as usual and contribute NOTHING toward the cost of their health insurance.

Now let’s consider Watkins; his term will end at the conclusion of 2011. Watchdog Kern is completely accurate when he calls Watkins a “LIAR”. This is not comparable to Watkins claiming me as a “LIAR” publically or when he has done so with other honorable residents in our community during his years of public display and back alley verbal hearsay bashing. We should not forget the legacy Watkins truly has “EARNED”.

Watkins TOOK a completely illegal reimbursement for insurance at the same time he participated in his taxpayer paid full insurance plan. Watkins likes to fabricate by saying he did it to save the township money. When Watkins began this corrupt scheme, he had the highest insurance premium. His “spin claim” is not based on law, equal coverage, or financial truth. Watkins likes to say that others insurance cost the township more money than his whilst anyone on the plan at anytime has never had more than equal coverage except for HIM. Watkins put an extra illegal check in his pocket every month for years and his claim is that he “saved us money”; somehow he justifies this as being “equal”. Say what?

It is safe to say that Watkins has collected more insurance benefits than anyone in the history of our township. It’s in the voters’ hands to audit his actions at the ballot box late this year. Rest assured for, Mr. Watkins... truth should matter and the true legacy and his continued theater of the absurd during public meetings will remain in living color on video posterity. I have observed several meetings where instead of sitting at the table, Watkins sits in the audience so he will not be taped in his public capacity as Trustee. Thank you, Mr. Kern, for allowing those who wish to see the earned legacy of the status quo that you label as the Good Old Boys.

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township

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