2011-01-22 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan 13: A Duke service station employee reported a customer drove away without paying for $10.01 in gasoline.

• Jan 14: A Duke service station employee reported a customer drove away without paying for $77 in gasoline.

• Jan. 15: A Walnut Road resident was warned for speeding, but cited for not wearing a safety belt on Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 15: A Hopewell, Ohio driver was cited for driving 53 mph in a 25 mph zone on Ohio 79.

• Jan. 15: A McDonald’s employee said two men fought each other near the building, then one of the men began pounding on the drive-through window, cracking it.

• Jan. 17: A Hebron Road man was arrested on a warrant out of Newark.


• Jan. 5: Lakewood Schools Transportation faxed two reports to police. Both concerned a black Mitsubishi that had passed a stopped school bus twice. The license number on both reports didn’t come back to the described vehicle. Police tried different combinations of the number in an attempt to get a match with the vehicle description to no avail. Police also checked the high school parking lot since the reports mentioned a yong driver.

• Jan. 5: Police on patrol at 5:42 p.m. saw two vehicles at the Lakewood Drive storage units. A man had a pair of bolt cutters. They were identified as the manager and maintenance person . They were opening abandoned units for auction.

• Jan. 5: Polie were called to a verbal domestic dispute at a Forest Ridge home. The complainant wanted police to document that his step-father had broken his xBox360.

• Jan. 6: The Hebron Elementary School principal reported that a mother’s three children had not been in school since Dec. 17 and that she was not at her home or responding to phone messages. Police reached the mother who said they had been staying in Heath with a friend and the children would return to school the next day.

• Jan. 6: A Canal Street man reported seeing a man dressed all in black and wearing a Halloween mask walk up to the back the Ours’ truck shop building. The man then walked up Canal Street to Main Street. Police were unable to locate the man, but did see prints in the snow behind the building.

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