2010-12-04 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Nov. 24: A Hebron man may spend years paying for a 30-second mistake. Buckeye Lake Police Capt. James Hanzey said Kenneth Luke Kennison, 20, of 101 Canal Road, Apt. E2, Hebron, was apprehended Nov. 24 in connection with the Aug. 7 breaking and entering of the Subway Sandwich Shop in the Blue Heron Boardwalk shopping plaza. “We got him Wednesday night,” said Hanzey. He said this was the first arrest the Buckeye Lake Police have made using DNA evidence collected at the scene. A blood sample retrieved from the front window Kennison smashed to enter the building was sent to the state Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, revealing Kennison’s identity. Police arrested him at the Jacktown Pub, where he was working. Kennison was inside the Subway shop for roughly 30 seconds where he rummaged for cash but was able to access none. A security camera recorded the incident, but the recording wasn’t clear enough to identify Kennison, who’s charged with breaking and entering, and felony vandalism. “He could go to prison for a while,” said Hanzey.

• Nov. 24: A Walnut Road woman said two men in ski masks attempted to break into her home.

• Nov. 25: A Duke service station employee reported that a customer drove away without paying for $48 of gasoline.

• Nov. 27: A Heath man was punched at the Beachridge Lounge when a verbal argument finally came to blows.

• Nov. 28: A officer was dispatched to Worth Drive where a man was driving up and down the road, making phone calls to the complainant. The officer discovered the man was driving with an open container of beer. He was issued a citation for the open container.

• Nov. 30: A Hilton Road household was warned to provide proper shelter for a family dog, which was exposed to cold weather.


• Nov. 2: A Cumberland Street resident called police after he broke up with a girl and her cousin and brother started testing him and threatened to shoot him in the head. Charges are pending.

• Nov. 3: Police warned a driver after receiving a report from a Lakewood school bus that a vehicle had passed the bus whil it was stopped on East Main Street. The driver said the stop sign came out as he wa passing the bus and all he could do was to slow down.

• Nov. 3: Police were called about a burglary in progress at a Canal Road apartment. The complaint said he heard loud banging from an apartment and his dog began to bark. Police saw tha the door was slightly ajar and the frame had been cracked. Police cleared the apartment but no one was there. The apartment manager said the frame had been cracked for a while.

• Nov. 4: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident said she lost her cell phone in September and is now receiving harassing calls to her new phone from her old one. Police are investigating.

• Nov. 4: Police were called about an abusive customer at the Kroger store. The customer told the manager to go outside and fight, but left when police were called. There was no physical contact.

• Nov. 5: The manager of the Duke store reported that two subjects came into the store and passed fake coupon for free bags of chips and Pepsi 12-packs.

• Nov. 5: A Newark man working at Heritage Sportswear reported that his wallet had been stolen in the bathroom.

• Nov. 6: A driver was cited for going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Nov. 7: A Lakeforest Drive woman complained that her estranged husband and his girlfriend were harassing her via text messages and phone calls. Her husband said his wife texted him first, but agreed not to cll or text her anymore.

• Nov. 7: A driver was cited for going 68 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Nov. 7: A driver was cited for failure to yield for an emergency vehicle after his vehicle struck the rear of a Hebron medic as it was turning onto Enterprise Drive from Ohio 79. The driver acknowledged that the medic’s flashing lights and siren were operating.

• Nov. 7: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police with a subject that became angry after waking up from a possible alcohol overdose. The man went with medics for treatment without incident.

• Nov. 8: A caller told police about a bag of hypodermic needles along an off ramp from Ohio 79 to US 40. Police recovered the needles and took them to the fire department for proper disposal.

• Nov. 10: Police were called at 2z:06 a.m. about a man walking around the North Maple Street area. Police checked the area including the sewage treatment plan and grain terminal, but did not see anyone.

• Nov. 10: A West North Street man reported that an unknown man was walking through the area taking photos of house. Police found him and learned he was working for an insurance company.

• Nov. 10: Police were told that locks had been cut off four storage units at the Lakewood Drive storage facility.

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