2010-11-27 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 31: A Highland Avenue woman reported that someone broke into her home.

• Nov. 17: A Walnut Road woman said juveniles were threatening her son.

• Nov. 18: A Myers Ave. woman said a juvenile assaulted her granddaughter.

• Nov. 20: A Walnut Road woman reported her boyfriend physically and verbally abused her.

• Nov. 21: A Union Avenue woman reported her vehicle was vandalized.

• Nov. 22: A Crooksville man said someone damaged his vehicle’s hood.

• Nov. 22: A juvenile admitted to assaulting another juvenile.

• Nov. 22: An officer was sent to a Highland Avenue residence where a couple was arguing. A man’s girlfriend was yelling at him and eventually began kicking and biting him. The girlfriend was tased after refusing to cooperate with police.


• Oct. 24: A Lake Forest Drive man reported that someone overnight stole his landscape lights and destroyed a hanging flower pot.

• Oct. 25: A Rockingham Drive resident said she allowed her grandson to spend the night there. Now she wants him out she told police because he is causing tension between her and her daughter. The grandson said he had nowhere to stay. Police gave him some information on local shelters.

• Oct. 25: A Lake Forest Drive resident said a juvenile came to her home to start an argument with another juvenile. She told him to leave and they argued in the street. She said the juvenile grabbed her arms and she kicked him in the leg. The juvenile then pushed her and she left to call police. She didn’t want to press charges. The juvenile and his father were told to stay away from the home.

• Oct. 25: Police stopped a vehicle for going 64 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40. The driver said she was pregnant and her water had broken. She was headed to here parents’ home on Oakhurst Drive. Police terminated the traffic stop and followed her to her parents’ home. She was driving recklessly and ran both stop signs in the subdivision. Police spoke with her mother and told her that her daughter’s driving was unacceptable. Police offered to call the squad to take her to the hospital. Her mother refused the squad and said she would drive her there.

• Oct. 30: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation on the exit ramp from northbound Ohio 79 to US 40.

• Oct. 30: Police arrested a person detained at the Kroger store for shoplifting.

• Oct. 30: A driver was cited for going 56 mph in a 35 mph zone on Refugee Road.

• Oct. 31: Police checked out a report of a man having an argument with a female apartment resident at her open apartment door when the resident slammed the door in his face and he ran off. The resident told police that the man was her baby’s father and they had a disagreement. She said everything was now OK.

• Oct. 31: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $26.26 in fuel.

• Oct. 31: Police were called to the Duke station on a report of a vehicle pulling away from the pumps with the gasoline hose still in the vehicle. Store employees said a man admitted to pulling off the hose and had left his name and number before he left.

• Oct. 31: Police responded to an alarm drop on North High Street. Everything checked secure.

• Nov. 1: Police arrested a man wanted on a Licking County Sheriff’s Office warrant for domestic violence.

• Nov. 1: A Hebron man was walking northbound along Ohio 79 when he said his old boss stopped and started a verbal argument with him. He called police to document that his boss had threatened to assault him. He didn’t want to press charges.

• Nov. 2: Police responded to an alarm drop at 3:20 a.m. at AGC on North High Street. Everything checked secure.

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