2010-11-27 / Editorials & Letters

Sheridan can pursue dream


As many of you know, my family has served the community since 1985.

Our goal was always to give caring and compassionate service, just as the Boring family did for many years prior to 1985. My mom and dad worked tirelessly to accomplish this goal. For many years I help mom and dad and I appreciated the opportunity to do so. This past year an opportunity presented itself that allowed me to pursue my dream of coaching and teaching. I am now employed full time at Sheridan Middle School.

Once I started my new job, I realized I could not also perform full time at the funeral homes. Thus I began looking for a succession plan. I had tow goals to accomplish. First, make sure that Bobbie, Marcia, and Tom were taken care of. Second, that the level of service and commitment to the community would be even improved. I found an answer - Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service. Since 1855, they have been providing superior services to the community they serve. Over the past few months I have come to know and respect the Schoedinger family. Their vision for funeral service would make my mom and dad proud.

Bobbie Ponn will be managing the funeral homes, Marcia Carpenter will be her full time administrative assistant, and Tom Dempsey will be the funeral assistant. In addition, Tom Burke is back at work. All these folks are excited to work with Schoedinger.

Please join me in welcoming Schoedinger to our community.
Craig Sheridan
Thorn Township

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