2010-11-27 / Editorials & Letters

Businesses need less government


At the Nov. 8 Buckeye Lake Village council meeting, resident Charlotte Basnett said she “was surprised to see the businessmen’s little get together meeting.” She prefers they work with committees including government officials established at a previous meeting held at the yacht club.

“We don’t want too many splinter groups trying to do something,” said Basnett. “I don’t want to see certain groups go off at their own agenda without the whole being taken into consideration,” she said. Basnett declared, “Everybody should be working for the same thing and not go overboard with one group or the other.” Mayor Baker and Council President Hayden agreed with her comments.

REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These two women are very close friends and happen to live in my neighborhood. I guess it’s not enough that they and their cronies want to control even the air we breath in Cranberry Bay. (Some neighbors have moved because of this control.) How will this control affect local business?

I applaud our local business owners for taking the initiative to organize and collectively promote their businesses! PLEASE, go ahead and meet as many times as you want without including me or anyone else! I have no financial investment in any of these businesses and neither does Basnett or Hayden! It’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS how they want to go about promoting their own products or services. If they want to include the local government in their meetings or events, fine but no one should be offended if they don’t.

One of the biggest threats to small business is government regulation. Local government should do all they can to support local business! So leave them alone and stop wanting to “control” their direction. Small business owners are very resourceful. What they need is LESS government not more committees with government officials telling them what to do.
Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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