2010-11-13 / Editorials & Letters

Ex-Queen wants her title back


Excitement, joy, and shock are some of the feelings I felt when they announced my name as the 2010-2011 Miss Baltimore Queen. When I looked at my parents, grandparents and friends, I could tell they were feeling the same way.

The next few days would be just the beginning of what was supposed to be a very happy year. People came up to me at the festival and congratulated me while others (adults) told me I should not have won. Some said I was not fitto be a queen. I just kept smiling and told myself I would prove them wrong. Little did I know I would not get the chance to show Baltimore that I could be a great queen.

A month later, Jacquie Keller - the new pageant director who is only a year older than me - ripped my title away for simply doing what I was told to do.

My job was to represent Baltimore at different parades around Ohio and tell people how great our festival is. I committed my time to this and I enjoyed representing Baltimore.

I’m a senior and I thought it was supposed to be a fun year but this has been ridiculous. There has been nothing but fighting, yelling and emotional abuse -all from the people on the festival committee! It’s not fair when they show favoritism towards certain people.

When we attended the Amanda parade on September 8, the float wasn’t there. My Mom talked to the parade coordinator (Blanche) by phone and she suggested the other girls and I ride in my Mom’s car. My Mom agreed so the girls wouldn’t have to go all the way back home. As a result, my Mom received a letter in the mail on Monday morning “writing her up” for allowing the girls to ride in her car for the parade.

On September 29, we participated in the Utica parade. The next day, there were four “write-ups” saying we withheld information and didn’t let them know about the parade. My Mom emailed Blanche in two different emails - first, giving her the information about the parade and second, the list of parades. All the parade information was provided a month in advance.

My title was taken from me along with the Junior Miss Attendants title. If we withheld information, how did they even know we were at the parades? That’s what I want to know.

Is this how life works? When you have a job to do and you do it right, you get

fired? This seems kind of messed up! I would like to know why we were told we

were not allowed to have a meeting to dispute and talk about the write-ups. Can someone answer that? Who thought that the highlight of my senior year would turn out to be my worst nightmare!

I have a little advice for those who are thinking about putting their daughter in the Baltimore pageant. Think long and hard! Until they learn to practice fairness and equality, it will not be worth doing. It will cause nothing but headaches for the parents and heartaches for the daughters.

Who thought that waving and smiling could cause so many problems.
Alycia McClelland

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