2010-11-06 / News

Some problems arise with resurfaced roads

By Scott Rawdon

HEBRON – New surfaces on some Union Township roads aren’t firming up as quickly as expected, Union Township Trustee President John Slater said Monday night.

He said the paving company is maintaining the asphalt as it dries and standing behind its work. “Shelly has worked hard to please the trustees,” he said. However, trustees decided to withhold final payment on the paving work – probably until the trustees’ next meeting – to be sure the work meets expectations.

Trustee Rick Black said he noticed blacktop damage on Old Farm Road, but the contractor already had a person at the site to repair it. Black thought a school bus damaged the pavement.

“Not every motopave job is the same as the next,” said Slater. “The road’s not settling as well as it could.” He said environmental conditions factor heavily into how well asphalt sets and some

HILL proj ects si mply take lo nger to settle than others. Unfortunately, traffic damages the new pavement in the meantime. There’s also damage at Grande Pointe, as well as near the Deeds Road and Ohio 37 intersection and various other places around the township. Slater said Shelly is addressing the damage and not charging the township anything more than the original $212,000 price tag. “Shelly is making sure the township is happy,” he said.

Slater also asked trustees to look at the Morrison Street and O’Neill Drive intersection in the Hebron Industrial Park, which may need some additional work, although it doesn’t receive much traffic.

In other township news:

• Slater said the steeple from the former Licking Baptist Church – the township purchased the church for $310,000 – should be removed soon, since it’s now a

HILL govern ment o wned buil ding and no longer a place of worship. “It’s in our best interest to get it off of there as soon as possible,” he said. Slater estimated the fiberglass steeple weighs roughly 1,900 pounds and places a lot of pressure on the roof structure. He suggested hiring a sign company with a crane to remove the steeple; bolts and cables hold the steeple in place. Trustees aren’t sure what to do with the steeple once it’s removed. “I’m sure there’s interest out there somewhere,” said Slater, optimistic that someone would want to buy it.

Trustee Jesse Ours said he doesn’t believe the sign needs to remain internally lit. He wondered if the light fixtures could be removed from the internally lit portion of the sign, and replace the existing translucent panels with opaque panels displaying the township logo. The trustees are still deciding what to do with the sign, half of which is a computer controlled LED display.

“Let’s investigate leaving it lit,” said Slater.

“Do we really need it lit?” said Ours.

Slater said if replacing the existing translucent panels with a new pair of translucent panels only costs $400 or $500, then the top half of the sign should remain lit.

• Slater said he expected to have the latest proposal for a Hebron Fire Department contract in hand Tuesday or Wednesday, after it cleared the Licking County Prosecutor’s office. Trustees and the Village of Hebron have haggled over the terms of a contract all year, but that may come to a conclusion by the trustees’ next meeting. “It could be that quick,” he said, or it may not. He said he’d discuss the contract with the Hebron Village Council before the trustees vote on it. The village and township disagreed over how to use and administer EMS billing revenue.

On another fire contract issue, Slater said the township’s contract with the Granville Township Fire Department expires Dec. 31. The Granville Township department services the Union Township territory north of the CSX railway. Granville Fire Chief Jeff Hussey wrote a letter to the trustees saying, “I would like to meet with you in the very near future regarding the renewal of your fire contract with us. We are cognizant of the difficult economic times that each of us face. Because of this, I do not anticipate any major changes in the terms of the agreement. We would again be interested in a two-year agreement if you would find that agreeable.” Union Township paid the Granville Township Fire Department $80,000 for emergency services in 2010 and $65,000 in 2009.

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