2010-11-06 / News

Perry County incumbents prevail

By Scott Rawdon

NEW LEXINGTON – As most of the nation rallied for change, Perry County voters were happy with the status quo. Perry County Commissioner Lonnie Wood and Auditor Theresa Stevenson, both incumbents, won new four-year terms.

“It’s been a long year,” said Wood, a Democrat, who defeated independent challenger Jane Van Horn 5,080 votes to 4,573. He said voters could expect the same type and level of service to the county that he’s provided since 2002. “It’ll be business as usual, is all I can say,” said Wood. “We have to get back in the saddle and keep going.” He said “keeping people working” and balancing the county budget will be his new term’s priorities.

Stevenson, a Democrat, soundly defeated Republican challenger Dick Bowman 5,766 votes to 4,310.

Thornville Mayor Beth Patrick was in a good mood Wednesday. Both a one-mill renewal levy and a 2.4-mill renewal levy passed easily. The one-mill levy passed 233 votes to 104 and the 2.4-mills levy passed 209 votes to 123. “I was very happy to see that,” said Patrick. “I’m really grateful to the voters. In these hard economic times, you never know. Voters are trying to do the right thing.”

Revenue from both levies is slated for Thornville’s general fund. “It’s just operating money,” she said. Had the levies failed, Patrick said the village would have to make more cuts. “Not that we haven’t already done that,” she said. “The village will make every penny count.”

Tuesday night was a good one for almost all of Perry County’s levies. A twomill Fairview Assisted Living renewal levy passed 5934 votes to 4043 votes against it. Roseville’s 1.2-mill cemetery renewal levy was approved 105 votes to 79, but its one-mill additional parks levy narrowly failed 90 votes for the levy to 94 against.

Three Shawnee levies passed. A 1.4 renewal cemetery levy passed 112 votes to 39; a two-mills current expenses renewal levy passed 102 votes to 49; and a threemills current expenses renewal levy passed 95 votes to 56.

Somerset’s half-mill current expenses replacement levy passed 299 to 155 votes and a Thorn West local option passed 126 votes for to 68 against.

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