2010-11-06 / News

Buckeye Lake businesses to work together

By Scott Rawdon

BUCKEYE LAKE – Business in Buckeye Lake isn’t bad, but it could be better, said Tom Siefert, Buckeye Lake Hardware owner.

He said several Buckeye Lake Village business owners are joining forces to brainstorm ways to attract more customers and tourism to Buckeye Lake. “We’re doing this as independent businesses,” said Siefert, who added that it’s not a coordinated effort with the village government, but the group plans to work closely with the Buckeye Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. He said the group expects to have its first meeting in early November. “We’re definitely going to do this,” said Siefert.

“What can we do to make things better for everybody,” asked Doug Poorman, veterinarian and PetPlex Animal Hospital owner, who’s been working with Siefert and others to organize the group.

Poorman’s goal is to take advantage of the events Buckeye Lake currently offers and create enough new activities to draw tourists every three to four weeks. “Unless we try to do something, things aren’t going to get much better,” he said. Poorman said the village already has some great events, such as boat shows, concerts, and the BLASST fireworks display, but suggested adding events like a Christmas concert sponsored by the local churches or possibly a pets fair at his facility. “Pets are usually a good draw,” he said. “These are just ideas--things to add to the experience.”

Although the group is not af filiated with the Buckeye Lake government, Mayor Rick Baker has a few suggestions of his own. “Let’s get the ‘lake effect,’” he said. “Let’s have a good time.” Baker said the four-lane Hebron Road is advantageous for the village because one side could be closed off occasionally for celebrations-maybe four times a year, he said-while the other could remain open to accommodate traffic. “The challenge is to bring people out here,” he said. Otherwise, Baker said he’s been speaking to commercial developers, trying to convince them to build in Buckeye Lake.

Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce Vice President Timothy Ryan said he hadn’t had a chance to discuss the group’s plans in depth with Poorman yet, but he said the chamber is certainly in favor of bringing more business into the village. He hopes the chamber and the group can work together to reach that goal.

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