2010-11-06 / Editorials & Letters

Some duck hunters respond


I recently read a Letter to the Editor written by Connie Lang. I understand her emotional ties with the (wild animals) ducks she has been feeding. Apparently she does not realize that ducks are migratory and the ones she watched hatch are likely no longer here for the season.

Secondly, her biggest concern about gunshots at 5:30-6:00 a.m. is entirely untrue and illegal. Even at the beginning of the season in September, the earliest the legal shooting time occurs is not until 6:30 a.m. I’m sure she is being honest in that the hunters are so “hungry” that they are willing to illegally shoot blindly into the dark sky in hopes her feathered friends will fly into their shot.

I’m sure that otters, hawks, and coyotes also consider their “karma” before they eat one of her delicious friends. Biologists and the Ohio Division of Wildlife support duck hunting for management reasons that she cannot comprehend due to her emotional barricade she has formed by habituating wild animals. In addition, duck hunters, as well as all other hunters/ fisherman pay for the majority of our wildlife conservation and management by purchasing their annual licenses. I wonder how much Connie has personally donated to improve waterfowl habitat? I doubt she and her friends have contributed anywhere close to the tune of 484 million dollars last year that hunters, trappers, and fishermen did in our state alone.

Duck hunting has been around since the founding of our country. Wild ducks and geese will always be on Buckeye Lake, and some people will never understand the concept of wildlife management.
Charlie Reffitt
Mike Gerhardstein
Licking County

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