2010-10-30 / Editorials & Letters

Writer urges others to speak out against harassment at school


I am writing in response to the appalling letter by “Team Mother” Stephanie Little in response to the letter that Penny Arnett submitted several weeks ago. I am flabbergasted by this response. Mrs. Arnett is pointing out the disturbing fact that no official at Millersport High School seems to be interested in solving the bullying issues that have been going on at the school both in regards to her son and the issues that have gone on for years at that school.

It appears to be a practice, and has been for years, that the officials look the other way when certain groups of people are involved in harassment of other students. In this case, it seems to be a few members of the football team. Ms. Little’s response is nothing more than attacks against the victim and mother of the victim and fails to address the real problem.

Perhaps, she should focus on teaching some of these boys in question better judgment than they appear to have instead of demonstrating that if you attack/ belittle someone whether verbally as Ms. Little did in her letter, or by other means you will get what you want.

Ms. Little, you defend the boys on the entire football team without addressing the actions of the boys in question. In fact, you try to push the blame back on the victim of this harassment. The victim has the right to an education free from harassment and threats of bodily harm, as do all children who attend this school.

Perhaps, it is time that state agencies and concerned parents/ citizens step in and get involved. It sounds like extensive investigations are needed in regards to the conduct of school officials and the athletic departments at Millersport High School. I urge other citizens and parents of this school district to speak out against the condoned harassment of children at this school.
Kelly Bryant
Fairfield Beach

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