2010-10-30 / Editorials & Letters

Mother wants her daughter’s title back


It’s a shame it has come down to this. My daughter was crowned Miss Baltimore in August only for it to be ripped away from her within a little over a month. She only did what Pageant Director Jacque Keller told her to do -- represent the Baltimore Festival around Ohio at different festivals. My daughter traveled to nearly 15 different festivals (we are only required 10 during the year) representing Baltimore to share with everyone how great our festival is.

During meetings, I was yelled at and told to leave. My daughter was told to give her title back after only two weeks all because I wanted someone to look over a new set of rules/guidelines. I had already signed one set the night she won with the previous pageant director that was let go.

At the Amanda festival, the float didn’t show up. Therefore, I was asked by a parent and Parade Coordinator Blache Bader if the girls could ride in the backof the antique truck that I was taking through the parade and car show. After I let them ride in it through the parade, I was written up for doing it.

Also, I took my daughter and another Junior Miss Queen to the Utica parade only to find out that the Parade Coordinator Blanche Bader deleted both emails I sent her a month in advance about the Utica parade. After going, we got four write-ups saying we withheld information and her title was taken away along with the Junior Miss Attendants title.

We went to another parade two hours away. When we got there, the director pulled me aside and told me she got a phone call from someone at our festival telling them not to let us in. My daughter was so embarrassed -- that is uncalled for.

My daughter was only doing what she was told to do and that is represent Baltimore. This was supposed to be a fun year for her but this has been a nightmare. My daughter loved traveling with the other girls to parades and taking pictures with the Little Miss girls but that was also taken from her.

I want to know when the bullying will stop. We have been pushed around, embarrassed, and harassed all for doing something she is supposed to do and enjoyed doing.

The only thing my daughter wants is her title back and to put this all behind her. After all this ,she is still willing to represent the Baltimore Festival and not give up on them like they gave up on her.
Michelle McClelland

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