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Mother says team mom wears blinders


I would like to respond to Stephanie Little, the woman that lives with blinders on.

I didn’t insinuate that the entire football team is responsible for what happened to my son. But there are a few of the boys on the team that are responsible. I don’t doubt some of the boys are good kids but not ALL of them! How would they know who my son is when they don’t even know his name? The boys that did it know exactly who they are. Do you really think that they would tell you they were the ones doing it? If so, you really need a reality check! Since the boys are minors, I cannot list their names or else I would.

Why would I want to be involved with a school that isn’t worth my time? The athletes may be held to a higher standard but that doesn’t mean it’s enforced! I made several trips to the school to try and have this dealt with. I have seen more of that school and Mr Leedle than I ever cared to.

No, I don’t go to the games because football isn’t my thing. I do know for a fact this was happening because it was happening to my son! Also Mr. Leedle, the school superintendant, the state board of education, the Ohio Coalition & the Civil Rights Committee were all aware of the issue. I know enough. I know that what was happening to my son was against the law. I think that’s enough to know.

If the boys on the team are upset that this happened, maybe they need to look a lot closer at some of the boys on their team because they definitely know how to put on a good front and make themselves look good.

Ignorance is someone that lives with blinders on and thinks that just because kids are into sports that they are all great kids. Ignorance is also a parent that won’t stand up for their kids and let it be known what is going on. If this was happening to your child, would you just sweep it under the rug and let it go? I’d surely hope not!

My son deserves the same respect and education as any other student in that school, but he was not getting it! I do not appreciate you making light of what happens in that school. It not only happens to my son but there are other kids that are victims. Someone needs to be a voice and speak out and up for these kids!

My allegations are not unfounded. Go to your great principal, Mr. Leedle, and ask him. I am setting a great example for my son, unlike you. I am showing him when something isn’t right, something needs to be done about it. Parents should stand up for their children when something wrong is being done to them. My son has NO reason to take accountability for his actions when he did nothing wrong but go to a school that isn’t worth my dog going to!

The boys that did this need to be held accountable for their actions! Trust me, the school isn’t done hearing from me yet even though I have taken my son out of that school and put him into a lot better school. Bullying & harassment should not be tolerated nor allowed.
Penny Arnett
Fairfield Beach

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