2010-10-30 / Editorials & Letters

It’s a clear choice

Millions are being spent on political ads. So much in fact, that this election will be the most expensive mid-term election in history. It’s become painful to watch television with the almost constant bombardment of ads. Most of us don’t even bother to answer the telephone.

Yet this year is probably the easiest to make your choice. Thanks to the Tea Party movement, Republicans have been revitalized with many returning to Reagan era principles – personal responsibility, lower taxes and smaller government etc. The Obama Administration’s rush leftward certainly has helped make the differences between the two parties more distinctive.

So if you’re comfortable handing over more of your earnings and control of your life to the latest generation of the “best and brightest” in Washington and Columbus, vote for the Democrats. They are standing by to tell you how to live your life and now they’ve got control of your healthcare. They are still trying to get control of energy – how much we pay for it and how we can use it.

If you believe the only problem with government is that it isn’t doing enough, then vote for the Democrats. They have thousands of ways to spend your children and grandchildrens’ money right now. They aren’t bashful about telling you how to live your life.

But if you value liberty and personal freedom, ask yourself a few questions. Are you better off than you were four years ago? That’s when the Democrats took over total control of Congress. Very few of us can honestly say we are better off now than four years ago.

Sure, we’ve had a major recession largely caused by the blowup of the housing bubble. Who ever thought that you could borrow hundreds of thousands for a new home without providing any income documentation or down payment. Those crazy policies came out of the Democratic Party-protected Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in the interest of promoting home ownership. Ironically, but not surprising given their well-entrenched protectors, they have been left untouched by the new regulatory wave that has swept over the financial industry. Free checking will soon be history and many of us will find it harder to get credit cards. Yet it is business as usual at Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac as they continue to rack up hundreds of billions in losses for taxpayers.

Do you think you aren’t paying enough for gasoline, natural gas, fuel oil and electricity? Well, the Democrats, including our representative Zack Space, believe we should be paying more. Cap and tax almost passed last year and it’s still a high priority. Not only would we paying thousands more to drive our vehicles and heat our homes, some of us would be doing it from the unemployment line as thousands of jobs would be lost in Ohio. Cap and tax would finish off Ohio’s manufacturing industry. But Space would have you believe that some heavily government subsidized solar panels and wind mills represent the birth of a “green” economy in Ohio. The only thing ‘green’ about it is all the money that we don’t have being spent to prop it up.

Are you scared about finding a job or keeping the one you have? Do you wonder if your children or grandchildren will be able to find good jobs? Take a look at who’s beating up our job creators with higher taxes, more regulations, increased costs and almost daily demagoguery. It’s tough to invest in new jobs when the costs to do so are increasing substantially and the potential rewards are declining, all while listening to rants about greedy businesses. Job creators by nature are risk takers, but the risks from our rapidly expanding federal government are over-whelming. The rules seem to change almost daily.

Most Beacon advertisers have created far more jobs than the crew in the White House. We can’t all work for the government. We need real jobs where you are paid because you create value for your employer. That’s a job you can count on because you are making money for your employer.

The last 22 months have been a sprint away from the principles that have made this country great and allowed each generation to do better than the previous one. The long standing premise that our children will do better than ourselves is at significant risk. It depends on a growing economy, not a stagnant one held down by high taxes, oppressive regulations and protectionism. A growing economy benefits everyone – higher wages, larger profits and greater tax revenues. Lower tax rates actually generate more tax revenues because they help the economy grow faster.

It’s time for Ted Strickland, Lee Fisher, Zack Space, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others to finally get a real job. It’s our choice. You can put this country back on track with a growing economy, creating opportunities for us and our children and grandchildren. We’ve been there; done that. It’s not some ‘green’ economy pie-in-the-sky scheme.

Or we can slide further into a stagnant economy where we fight over smaller and smaller pieces of the pie. Parts of Europe has been doing that for years. Again it’s your choice.

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