2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Why it’s great to live here


What does living in Hebron mean to you? I grew up in Canton and then lived in Westerville for 20 years. In 2005, we moved to Hebron. We love living here and wouldn’t consider ever moving. And here’s why:

1. Our children have been receiving an EXCELLENT education!

2. Our children live within walking distance of their Grandparents.

3. Our children have the opportunity to play in a GREAT school band!

4. We live in a safe community.

5. We still live in a community where neighbors care about each other.

6. A beautiful new Kroger store is five minutes away.

7. A variety of restaurants are within 10 minutes from home.

8. Beeping & waving when you drive by is still acceptable.

9. Gas prices are lower than they are in Columbus & surrounding areas.

10. The beauty of nature is in great abundance everywhere you look!

11. We have a library & athletic f.ield five minutes from home.

12. We have wonderful police & f.ire departments within minutes.

13. We have met wonderful friends!

14. We are part of a community with history & tradition.

15. We live in an environment where morals & ethics are still important!

Please help our community continue to grow! Please support our children!! Please support our future!!! PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SCHOOLS!!!! Remember...if the school levy fails, so do our CHILDREN, our COMMUNITY & our FUTURE! This is everyone’s responsibility! VOTE YES FOR LAKEWOOD SCHOOLS ON NOVEMBER 2!
Lori Green

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