2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Tory supports Schaffer


I’m now a Florida resident so I don’t get to vote here anymore. So I’m asking readers to vote on my behalf in at least one race.

Tim Schaffer is running for reelection as our State Senator in the 31st District. I won’t take your time to list his record of accomplishments. You can find them on his website at www.senatorschaffer.com,

But what’s most impressive to me is how he responds to our needs. Whenever there’s a need for Tim’s ear – whether it’s the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association, an issue with the park or lake, or something else – he comes. He doesn’t send an aide or a crony like many politicians; he comes himself.

That’s important and increasingly rare. Tim takes his responsibility as our representative very seriously. If we need him, he’s there. As someone who has dealt with politicians more than I care to, Tim Schaffer is special. Please help keep Tim Schaffer working for us as our state senator. Thank you.
Victoria Wolfe
West Bank

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