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Team mother says bullying claims false


I’m responding to the Letter to the Editor in last week’s Beacon from Penny Arnett concerning bullying from the Millersport football team towards her son.

My letter is not intended to make light of your situation, but to let you know that your letter was poorly written. It is absolutely ridiculous for you to insinuate that the entire football team is anyway responsible for what is happening to your son.

I speak personally because I’m their Team Mom. My boys have heart, dedication, determination and compassion for others. They are a very good group of kids; none of them that I have talked to even know who you or your son are, let alone have bullied him.

There is no favoritism towards athletes. If you were involved, you would know that athletes are actually held to a higher standard. Mr. Leedle, the high school principal, and Mr. Pohlman, the athletic director, have been very fair. I can speak first hand that our athletes are held to academic standards. Players do get suspended from practice and play for their actions off the filed as well as on. Do you even come to the games?

Do you even know whether this happens or not, or are you just guessing? Do you really know what you are talking about? I am at every game and practice, and I do not believe you know nearly as much as you would like others to believe.

When I asked the boys who or what this was about, none of them knew anything about it. The seniors and class captains have been trying to find out who would do this to your son. The good ole boys, as you sarcastically referred to them in your letter, are very upset and don’t condone what is happening to your son. You have no idea about these kids and you probably don’t even know most of them

You have made a judgment and allegations against a whole group of youngsters without knowing anything about them. This shows how ignorant some adults can be. You should be ashamed to make allegations about kids that you do not even know.

I have lived in this community my entire life. I am very involved at school as treasurer of the Athletic Boosters, past treasurer of PTO, volunteer, advisor, friend and mom to many of these boys. I do not appreciate your wide sweeping comments and I believe you owe the boys on this football team a personal apology for your unfounded allegations. Your problem isn’t with this team of boys. As an adult, you should be a better example for your son and teach him accountability for his actions by apologizing to them for making such broad accusations. This mom will not tolerate it either!!!
Stephanie Little, Football
Team Mom

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