2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Street supervisor explains Millersport street levy


For the last 21 years I have had the pleasure and honor of serving Millersport residents by working for our Village Street Department. Through the years, we have accomplished a number of projects, which would have been impossible without our street levy.

I would like to take the opportunity to explain how important this levy is for our village. The levy is used to pay for paving streets and drainage projects. The money also helps to obtain grants and equipment. One example is the Lancaster Street resurfacing and sidewalk project and the drainage project on the T.W. Lecrone addition. In the past we have spent an average of $50,000 per year on resurfacing streets. With your continued support, we can keep our drainage and resurfacing projects moving in a positive manner. This levy also provides money for snow removal and leaf pickup. I believe we have one of the best street departments in the area and it is because of your support and pride you have for our community.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank some of our residents and people from the surrounding area for helping our street department: Everett Foltz, Harold Raynard, Richard Keller, Larry Keller, Tom Nebbergall Sr., Vic Runkle, Phil Weldon, Frank Creed, Chuck Nagle, Doug Carpenter, Kim McDonald, Anne Levacy, Millersport Fire Department, Walnut Township Trustees and employees, Village of Millersport employees, Steve Harlow of Harlow Construction, Kim Oxley of Hometown Hot Dog, Jeff Watson of Watson’s Oil, Mike Slone of Top Cat Concrete, Joe Thomas of Mc- Naughton-McKay, Millersport Village Council and Mayor Dean Severance. The above people have donated their time, skill and equipment to plow sidewalks, raise money for special projects, allowed us to dump leaves and bake cookies. They do these acts of kindness and ask for nothing in return. I would like to say thank you once again.

If you have any questions about our street levy and what the money is used to fund, please stop by the street department garage or call 467-2499. I welcome your questions and would be happy to show you around the street department. To continue to provide the best service we can, I hope we can count on you for your support on Tuesday November 2, 2010.
Gilbert Arnold
Millersport Street Department

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