2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Reelect Lonnie Wood


In this bad economy, we can’t afford an on-the-job training for our county commissioners.

We need someone with experience working to bring jobs to Perry County. That’s why I support Lonnie Wood for Perry County Commissioner.

Lonnie has been instrumental in controlling spending to keep our county in the black. As county commissioner, he has helped secure 34 miles of water lines in rural areas. Lonnie has also been instrumental in the 911 upgrades that are helping to make Perry County safer and reduce response time for our fire, EMS, and police.

In this troubled economy, we need a commissioner who is working full time for us. We need a commissioner with a record of working for the people of this county, the experience to get the job done, and is accessible to the people.

That person is Lonnie Wood.
Justin Nelson
New Lexington

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