2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Now is the time to vote for Lakewood


I fear that many who would vote against the Lakewood School levy would do so because they are upset about a particular issue.

Running a school district is a large multi-million dollar, complex operation with lots of moving parts. There’s no way the administration and school board can please everybody, all the time. And, yes, they may even make mistakes. Please don’t let one issue or complaint cripple the entire school system.

If you are upset about something going on in your school, talk to the principal. If you are unhappy with the superintendent’s decisions or policies, call or e-mail him. If you don’t like the school board’s hiring and spending decisions, go to the school board meetings to voice your concerns and/or vote for different board members. Get actively involved. Make a positive difference.

But for this election, look beyond your one issue and look at the big picture –our great community and schools are at stake.

To those that haven’t voted in any prior levy election, your vote matters! Did you ever have the realization that you didn’t miss something until it was gone? Hopefully, we won’t feel this way after the election on November 2nd. Community members, parents and grandparents, please make time to vote. Now is the time!
Holly Graham
Franklin Township

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