2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Schaffer


I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim Schaffer for many years, and I can attest to his sincerity in representing his constituents. Fortunately for us, Senator Schaffer is a true conservative who understands the problems associated with out-of-control spending and oppressive government. His officeis very responsive to citizens concerns and he is effective at solving problems. He has and will continue to work for us, not for the government. A review of his accomplishments in office should be sufficient for any reasonable voter to support his re-election.

If you want responsible and restricted government, or if you want fiscal responsibility in government, or if you just want a good common sense representative in the Ohio Senate, Tim Schaffer is the right person for the job.

I am encouraging the voters in the 31st Senate District to re-elect Tim. Please vote by November 2nd, we need people like Tim Schaffer in government.
Richard Salvage

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