2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

‘Lakewood is not just a school’


This is what Lakewood means to me. Lakewood is not just a school. It is my second home. I usually end up spending more time here then my regular home, but it’s not because I have to. It’s because I want to.

Yes, Lakewood gives me my wonderful education, but there is more to a school then just learning. If it wasn’t for Lakewood, I never would have received the courage to perform on all different levels. School is a priority to me and Lakewood is giving me the opportunity to perform in high level classes. Lakewood gives me a chance to challenge myself.

Additionally, Lakewood gave me the chance for many firsts. It was here that I received my first love of acting. Without Lakewood providing me this wonderful opportunity, I wouldn’t have a chance to do what I love.

Lakewood has also given me my first chance to play a higher level of soccer and it is preparing me if I end up deciding to play in college.

Finally, without Lakewood, I would have never got my first true feeling of pride. I have never felt more pride for my school then the first time I put on my band uniform for my first football game as a freshman. Since then, my pride for Lakewood continues each time I put on my uniform for a performance. You’re not just voting for a school when you go to the polls on November 2nd. You’re voting for a place that creates lifetime memories and achievements for hundreds of students. You’re voting for a place to create more firsts for students and you’re voting for community pride.
Kayla Gowdy

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