2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Lakewood community needs your help


The Lakewood community needs help! We are in such need of positive backing, people to stand behind us as a caring community. You are all we have.

Our state government, no matter how hard we have tried, has not come through for us. Actually, they have hurt us severely by taking allotted monies away. We know that times are tough financially, but from those of you who can see helping as a possibility, we must depend on you.

As I walked in parades in both Hebron and Buckeye Lake recently, I couldn’t help but be grateful for those who came out in support. It feels good for us, as educators, to know that there are people here who care and wish us the best. That is what we need, to rally together and pass this levy so that we can carry on in a manner beneficial to all involved!!

The parades also made me think of this past spring, where fire truck rides were so frequentthrough Hebron because of the successes of our baseball and softball teams. We have good people here. We have good kids. We need good people of the community to help us carry on!!! Please support us at the polls, vote FOR Lakewood!!
Tara (Thorp) McMillen
Parent, teacher, and life-long
resident of Hebron

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