2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

I support Lakewood for the students


I’ve read Mr. Kenmir’s negative letters towards the Lakewood School levy and all I get from them is that he has a beef with unions. He also likes to imply that Lakewood is the only local school with unions and feels that teachers and staff need to take pay cuts.

Most local schools have unions. As a union, we voted to freeze our pay. Lakewood is already at the lower end of the pay scale in the county for teachers and support staff. I wonder what you do for work and if you would take a pay cut when you put in many hours over and above a normal work day as our wonderful teachers do? I haven’t met a teacher at Lakewood who doesn’t have a wonderful attitude toward our students.

Also, all schools get federal money. Why do you imply that Lakewood is wrong to take that money?

If you don’t care about our kids, why don’t you move? That is, if you can sell your home if the levy fails for what you feel you should get out of it. Why wouldn’t you want to support our community by keeping our schools strong? Have you spent any time in our schools?

As for me, I do have a daughter who has already graduated from Lakewood. She graduated from college and is successful in her career. I have another daughter currently attending Lakewood. I plan on staying here and supporting our schools and community. Yes, I am a bus driver for Lakewood but if the levy fails, I can find another job. My daughter and all of the other wonderful students and their educational opportunities are the reason I support Lakewood!
Connie Toth

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