2010-10-23 / Editorials & Letters

Former council member confused about parking lot


Here is the definition of “parking lot” I found in the Merriam- Webster oline: an area used for the parking of motor vehicles.

So, I am a bit confused. Is it or isn’t it? This needs to be put to rest by an uninterested third party. In The Beacon, I read where Buckeye Lake Council President Hayden said she questioned whether the long strip of asphalt is really a “parking lot.” Then she said Buckeye Lake Planning & Zoning Chair Karen Cookston did discuss the “parking lot” with the planning commission. Then Cookston said a county contractor placed the grindings without her knowing!! Buckeye Lake Zoning Inspector Bob Jordan said the “parking lot” is a violation. When Council Member Thompson asked if Cookston had a permit, she was told by Ms. Hayden it was debatable whether it is a “parking lot.” Please refer to the definition above. I am not taking any sides. I just think it needs to be looked into by people who are not so closely involved with the parties and all personal likes or dislikes should be shelved. Find out if a violation has been committed and, if so, rectify it or if not, move on.

I am no longer a resident of the Village of Buckeye Lake but I was for 52 years. I live in Hebron now but as a former Buckeye Lake Council Member, I would like to see the village grow bigger and better so please put this to rest. Investigate it and then give the public the findings.

I don’t know if you want “parking lots” popping up all over the village.
Shelly (Swick) Small

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