2010-10-02 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Sept. 22: A Slocum Street man said someone removed the catalytic converter from his vehicle.

• Sept. 24: Police were advised of a juvenile with a knife who was threatening to kill two other juveniles. An officer confronted the juvenile, who dropped the knife immediately. The juvenile said he was trying to defend himself from the other juveniles. The parents of the two juveniles denied that their children were threatening the knife-wielding juvenile.

• Sept. 27: A Walnut Road man said someone entered his vehicle and removed several items.

Hebron • Aug. 24: Police were called again about a barking dog on 4th Avenue. The owner said the dog was let out at 7 a.m. to go to the bathroom and they let it back in whenever it barked.

• Aug. 25: Police were called about a domestic dispute at a Canal Road apartment. A man there said he and his wife had a verbal argument due to the stress of moving.

• Aug. 25: A Raspberry Circle mother said her 11 year-old daughter was playing with a 12- year-old neighbor when they got into an argument. She said the boy went home and got a pocket knife. He also allegedly pointed a toy BB gun at her and her friends. Police spoke with his father and warned the boy.

• Aug. 26: Police responded to an alarm drop at Park National Bank. Everything was OK.

• Aug. 26: A North 7th Street resident reported the theft of a 16- foot aluminum extension ladder from his yard.

• Aug. 26: A Canal Road apartment resident complained that a named person was threatening her over the phone. The caller is the mother of the complainant’s fiance, who was recently arrested. The complainant believes that the mother has now turned on her son and is now making indirect threats to the complainant.

• Aug. 26: A South 8th Street resident told police people were parking in front of her house. She was told that it is a public parking area.

• Aug. 26: Police checked a Canal Road parking lot for a vehicle being sought by Heath Police. It wasn’t there.

• Aug. 27: Police on patrol at 12:55 a.m. saw a pickup truck stopped at the end of Dennison Street. The pickup pulled away as police approached it. Police stopped the vehicle. The driver said he wasn’t familiar with the area and his intoxicated passenger wasn’t giving him very good directions. They were actually headed to Buckeye Lake.

• Aug. 27: Police checked several locations for a vehicle sought by Heath Police for its involvement in a hit skip accident. Police didn’t see the vehicle.

• Aug. 27: A South High Street man told police his brother had taken his medications and would not give them back. He said his brother was at an area restaurant. Police went there and spoke with complainant’s sister who said her brother gives the complainant his medications on a day-by-day basis due to the amount he takes.

• Aug. 28: A Raspberry Circle mother told police her juvenile daughter was having an inappropriate relationship with an adult male. The incident is under investigation.

• Aug. 28: Police were called to a possible domestic at a Broadway Street apartment. A man there said his girlfriend’s daughter had slapped him. His girlfriend said her boyfriend was causing problems and her daughter got into an argument with him. After speaking with witnesses, neither account was collaborated so the parties were separated.

• Aug. 28: A driver dumped his motorcycle on East Main Street at the High Street light. He was cited for failure to maintain control and O.V.I.

• Aug. 29: A driver was cited for driving on a suspended license. Police also discovered marijuana in his possession and he was given a summons to court on that violation.

• Aug. 29: Police took a report after a driver left the Kroger Fuel Center without paying.

• Aug. 30: Police took a report after a driver left the Kroger Fuel Center without paying.

• Aug. 31: A Bowman’s Tire Center employee asked police at 12:15 a.m. to check to see if a door had been left open. Police checked the building and found everything secure.

• Aug. 31: Police cited a driver for a stop sign violation at North and 9th streets.

• Sept. 1: An employee at the Duke station said a customer pre-paid for $4.07 worth of fuel, pumped it and later returned claiming he didn’t get the fuel.

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