2010-10-02 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says pray for the victim


I am writing in response to the letter from Gail Faustick urging support for ‘FORMER’ pastor Daniel Monk. Are you serious? Prayers for Dan??? How about prayers for the victim. That child was only 16 and in a fragile state. He took advantage of her and his position. How dare you ask for prayers for him and ignore his victim!

I live near Dan and have spoken to him on a few occasions prior to this incident becoming public knowledge. He seemed like a very nice man. He used his 4 wheeler with a snow plow to clear all of the driveways in the neighborhood when it snowed last year. I actually told MY teenage daughter to go to Dan and Gina’s house if something happened. Am I glad nothing happened that my daughter felt like she needed to go to the ‘pastor’s’ house!!! His house is for sale by the way. Hopefully, truly decent people will be purchasing it...soon!

Here’s food for thought: Does anyone out there believe this is ‘the pastor’s’ only underage victim? Really? What are the odds that a 47 year old man wakes up one day and says to himself ‘I think I like that child, I just might have to ask her out,’? Slim to none. I think there is a good chance that there are more victims of this ‘man of God’ out there and MY prayer is that they will come forward to help ensure justice is served.

My prayers are with his victims and their families.
Ronda Stephen

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