2010-09-25 / News

Buckeye Lake officer accidentally shot

By Scott Rawdon

LANCASTER – The Fairfield County prosecutor and Lancaster law director agreed injuries Buckeye Lake Officer Jim Petrey sustained during training at a Lancaster shooting range were accidental.

Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Detective James Nicolia said bullet shrapnel from Buckeye Lake Captain James Hanzey’s shotgun hit Petrey in his hand, stomach, and arm. “(The bullet) hit a brick wall first,” said Nicolia. Petrey was treated and released from Fairfield Medical Center. The officers were training at Ohio Valley Outdoors in Lancaster last Wednesday afternoon when the incident occurred.

Nicolia said the county prosecutor and law director’s offices investigated the incident and both determined that no charges should be filed and the Buckeye Lake Police Department would handle it.

Hanzey said he and Petrey were completing annual firearm certification when Hanzey’s shotgun misfired. He said the gun was on a countertop, facing away from Petrey and toward a wall when the misfire occurred. Petrey was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time as shrapnel from the wall hit him.

Hanzey said Petrey’s injuries were minor. “He worked that night,” said Hanzey, who added that he’d never had an accidental discharge happen in 25 years of qualifying. The shotgun was taken out of service. Hanzey said neither the county nor city investigators believed that the shotgun was mishandled or that either Hanzey or Petrey behaved inappropriately prior to the discharge.

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