2010-09-04 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 18: A Stewart Street man reported someone stole copper wire and a concrete saw from his garage. A man allegedly confessed to police that he was one of the people who broke into the garage, removed the items and sold them to Brad’s Core & Recycling in Heath. When questioned, another man allegedly confessed to participating in the incident as well.

• Aug. 24: A West 1st Street woman told police she suspected her ex-boyfriend vandalized her car.

• Aug. 26: An officer stood by on child custody exchange.

• Aug. 26: A Park Street woman said someone stole an iPod and video games.

• Aug. 29: A Duke service station employee reported a customer left without paying for $53.09 in gasoline.

• Aug. 30: A Walnut Road man said someone stole several items from his car.

• Aug. 31: A Walnut Road woman reported someone stole her car stereo.


• Aug. 1: Police were called about two juveniles who took a bike, damaged it and then threw it in a creek. While police were taking the report, they were dispatched to the elementary school on a report of two juveniles damaging playground equipment. When police arrived at the playground they found the two juveniles named in the first incident. The two allegedly admitted to destroying the bike and vandalizing the playground. Juvenile charges are pending.

• Aug. 1: Police were called to the Kroger parking lot at 11:15 p.m. on a report of two vehicles racing. Police found a 16-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy in separate vehicles. They said they had stopped to talk in the parking lot. The boy admitted to squealing his tires. He was warned for reckless operation.

• Aug. 2: Police recovered several syringes under the Ohio 79 overpass at US 40. They were taken to the fire department for proper disposal.

• Aug. 2: Police are still investigating a reported assault at Renosol. An employee said a named employee sprayed him in the face with mace and then left.

• Aug. 2: A Greenbriar Lane resident reported that a Blackberry Lane juvenile called her 8-year-old son a name. Police spoke with the 13-year-old boy.

• Aug. 3: Police on patrol at 1:51 a.m. saw an open door on a storage garage at the Nazarene Worship Center. Police checked the area and everything was OK. Police secured the door.

• Aug. 3: Police arrested a female juvenile who had been detained at the Kroger store for shoplifting. She was also found to be possessing drug paraphernalia. She was released to her parents.

• Aug. 3: A Kroger security officer detained a man on suspicion of shoplifting. The man was seen opening a package of cold sore cream. Police couldn’t find the item when they searched the suspect. He allegedly admitted that he was about to steal the cream but changed his mind. Police discovered he was waned on a Morgan County warrant so he was arrest and taken to jail.

• Aug. 4: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $22.32 in fuel.

• Aug. 4: A Thornville man came to the station to report a theft from his vehicle while it was parked at the Kroger store. He said a window on his Jeep was forced open. The car radio and a duffel bag containing medication was taken.

• Aug. 4: Police were called to the Kroger store on a report of a suspected shoplifter leaving the parking lot. Police saw the vehicle while en route and stopped it. The driver said she had been in a hurry and had thrown down a prescription in an aisle and left the store. Police took her to the store to sort it out. She allegedly admitted to taking a prescription without paying for it. She was arrested and taken to jail.

• Aug. 4: Police responded to an alarm at the Commodore Bank ATM. There were no signs of attempted forced entry. A bank manager responded and reset the alarm.

• Aug. 5: A Kelly Drive resident called about receiving harassing calls from her ex-husband’s phone. She said sometimes their son has his phone. She said the caller sounded like her exhusband’s girlfriend’s daughter. Police called her ex and he located the phone in his son’s room. He said the calls would stop.

• Aug. 7: A caller, identifying himself as ‘John Smith,’ told police that an older pickup truck towing a red trailer loaded with pallets was leaving the Lions Den, heading south on Ohio 79 to I-70. He said the trailer was stolen and named the driver who he said had a suspended license. Police saw the vehicle as it stopped for fuel at the Speedway station. The license tags came back to the vehicle and the named driver had a valid license. Police explained the complaint to the driver. The driver named the likely complainant and said several other agencies had checked out similar complaints about the trailer. Police said he was very cooperative and provided the registration for the trailer that was in his name.

• Aug. 7: Police gave a driver a warning for having no lights on his boat trailer at 3:27 a.m. Police and the driver temporarily fixed an electrical short and got the lights working.

• Aug. 7: A driver was citing for going 71 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Aug. 7: Police on patrol saw a motorcycle driver waving his arm and weaving in the lane of traffic on West Main Street. Police stopped the motorcycle and discovered the driver only had a temporary permit. He was cited for reckless operation and not wearing a helmet.

• Aug. 7: A driver was cited for traveling 67 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive.

• Aug. 7: Police were called to the Duke station about a $10 counterfeit bill. Police took the bill into evidence and took statements.

• Aug. 7: A driver was initially cited for speed on Ohio 79 at O’Neill Drive. Police also charged the driver with driving under suspension and failure to reinstate a suspension for failure to pay child support. Police impounded the vehicle.

• Aug. 9: A Park Avenue man reported the theft of a portable sump pump, weed trimmer and eight gallons of gas.

• Aug. 9: Police on patrol saw two street signs in the Lake Forest subdivision vandalized with spray paint.

• Aug. 9: A Kelly Drive resident told police that her neighbor’s vehicle was parked facing the wrong way. Police warned the neighbor.

• Aug. 9: A Kroger security officer attempted to detain a suspected shoplifter. The suspect resisted and the officer tried to put him on the ground. The suspect struck his head on a shopping cart during the struggle and was taken to the hospital. Drugs were also found on the suspect.

• Aug. 9: A South 4th Street resident reported a sick skunk on Cumberland Street. A neighbor dispatched it with a stick.

• Aug. 9: Buckeye Lake Police requested assistance to conduct a field sobriety test on a possibly impaired driver whose vehicle ran off the roadway at Mill Dam and Hunt’s Landing roads. Buckeye Lake Police cancelled the request en route.

• Aug. 10: A South 6th Street resident reported the theft of several power tools from a tool box in the back of his truck.

• Aug. 10: Police were called to a Lakewood Drive apartment on a report of juveniles using illegal drugs. Police found two juveniles and an adult in the apartment. A marijuana pipe with residue was recovered.

• Aug. 10: Police took a report after a Lakewood Drive apartment resident moved out and possibly stole the refrigerator.

• Aug. 10: A West Main Street resident reported the theft of a generator from his back yard and the the theft of tools from his garage.

• Aug. 10: A South High Street resident reported that her mailbox was damaged overnight.

• Aug. 11: Police stopped a vehicle sporting two temporary tags on the rear. One tag was expired and police removed it. The other tag was valid and properly registered to the vehicle.

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