2010-09-04 / News

Shelly Company is sole bidder on township work

By Scott Rawdon

HEBRON – Paving crews will begin work in Union Township Sept. 10, if not sooner, according to Union Township Trustee President John Slater.

The Shelly Company of Thornville was the only company to bid on township’s resurfacing projects. This year’s projects are:

• Balbriggan- pave 6,689 square yards

• Grande Pointe (from entrance off Ohio 37 to dead end)- cold mix pave, 2,933 square yards

• Simeon Drive (Grand Pointe to end)- pave 2,444 square yards

• Old Farm Road (Ohio 37 to end)- cold mix pave 7,556 square yards

• Cricket Drive (Old Farm Road to dead end)- pave 1,222 square yards

• Meadow Wood (dead end to dead end)- pave 4,389 square yards

• Deer Run Court (Meadow Wood to dead end)- pave 944 square yards

• Willowview Drive- pave 2,133 square yards

• Bending Oak Drive- pave 4,342 square yards

• Sandstone Court- chip seal 316 square yards

• Clark Road- chip seal 3,800 square yards

• Morrison Street- chip seal 1,832 square yards

• Keller Drive- hot mix asphalt overlay 5,596 square yards

Trustees opened the bid during a special trustees meeting Aug. 30. Their regularly scheduled meeting set for Monday, Sept. 6 has been cancelled.

Slater said the Shelly Company’s bid was $212,442.45 for the whole project, which is roughly $40,000 more than the trustees expected,. Slater added that he worked with Shelly Company to reduce expenses. Trustees discussed paving Simeon Drive only if it savings on other projects materialized so they could afford it. However, Slater said it made sense to pave it when all the equipment would already be in the small subdivision. “All indications are, we can afford it,” he said. Slater expects the work will be complete by Sept. 24 barring severe weather issues.

Slater said he met with Grande Pointe residents Sunday to explain how the paving project would affect them. He hopes to speak with residents from all the affected subdivisions, and as many people who may have questions, soon. Slater said paving crews will maintain one lane of traffic at all times. Individual driveways will be blocked for half an hour or so while pavers pass homes on residential streets.

Slater said that during the Grande Pointe meeting there were “lots of praises” for the township’s new exclusive threeyear contract that began July 1. He said the township’s mosquito spraying efforts were praised.

Slater said trustees would continue to look for a paving company to provide crack-sealing services after a bid from the HHH company was significantly higher than expected.

In other township news:

• Slater said he has met with Hebron officials regarding fire contract with the Hebron Fire Department. “We’re still moving forward,” he said, adding that there’s “functional agreement” between all parties involved, but the issue of how to allocate EMS billing revenue hasn’t been resolved.

Slater said some township residents are concerned they have no fire and emergency services protection because Hebron Village and the trustees have yet to sign a contract. Slater said the Hebron Fire Department continues to provide EMS and fire protection services to the unincorporated areas of the township south of the CSX railroad even though a contract hasn’t been signed yet this year.

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